Continuing Dental Education of Baton Rouge




We have in the past and will continue to strive to provide the lastest and most pertinent continuing dental education speakers available. Please browse through our list of past program presenters.


Linda Miles                                                     Dr. Henry Gremillion

Dr. Lorne Lavigne                                           Debbie Castagna/Virginia Moore

Sally McKenzie                                               Dr. Nasr

Dr. William Goodacre                                     Dr. Limoli

Dr. Peter Dawson                                           Dr. Frank Spears

Dr. Joseph Massad                                        Dr. Stanley Malamed

Dr. P. D. MIller                                               Dr. Terry Tanaka

Dr. Irwin Becker                                             Dr. Ronald Goldstein

Dr. Carl Misch                                                Dr. Gordon Christensen

Dr. Karl Koerner                                             Dr. Gerard Chiche

Dr. Jim Weir                                                   Dr. Hugh Flax

Dr. John Burgess                                           Dr. Aldo Leopardi

Dr. William Van Dyk                                       Dr. Charles Blair